The fragility of large cities already existed before Covid-19. However, it is now, in the face of this crisis of unthinkable dimensions, that became evident. Today in many countries the fear of the virus and job loss in cities are pushing hundreds of thousands of families back to the countryside. 

"We are trapped in the big cities, and we cannot see a way out. When you are desperate you follow a trend. My family moved to the city in search of a better opportunity, but we couldn't find one. Now I am happy here in the village: I grew up as a person, my children are free, every morning I open the window, I feel the wind in my face and I see nature", Victoria Úbeda, one of Colonia Belgrano's new neighbors, told a TV channel-

The ES VICIS Foundation started in 2014 to work against the global mainstream and disbelief, on the goal of reversing the unsustainable rural to urban migration, and, aiming for the movement "Back To Villages", developed an award-winning program "Welcome to my village" for sustainable remigration to rural small villages. The ES VICIS model was showcased in 3 Universities and received massive resonance in press and media, response to the “Global Compact for Migration” principles and its measurable impact addresses 9 of the 17 SDG (1-3-4-5-8-10-11-16-17).

Our next step is to bring the program to scale, with the development technology to mangage data efficiently. 

We are ready to bring to scale our model.  BE PART! Join our efforts, share, talk about. Support financially. BE THE CHANGE. ES VICIS FOUNDATION  

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