A fundraising initiative to improve mountain bike trail facilities along the "Spruit".

Our first project is the creation of a singletrack descent off Republic Rd. 

Mountain bike advocacy in Gauteng gains momentum.

Over the past months, Amarider Gauteng has developed as a group of
passionate volunteers, actively pursuing an organised approach to trail
advocacy focused on the Braamfontein Spruit and surrounds. Representing
all the mountain bike clubs in the area, Amarider Gauteng is engaging local
ratepayers, councillors and community groups in an effort to facilitate
the improvement of mountain bike opportunities while at the same time
effecting a positive local impact.

Local issues include safety, mobility, illegal dumping, recreation opportunities and health. It is clear to all that an increased mountain biker presence on these trails and routes can only be beneficial when addressing these issues.
As a pilot project, we are looking at a section of trail off Republic road
with the view of creating a more rewarding riding experience and at the 
same time address the seasonal trail maintenance issues that occur on this
section. The group quickly realised the complications of this project when
it emerged that 4 title deeds exist on this section, but good progress is
being made on getting the necessary permissions to move forward.

The time that it takes to eliminate exactly the type of red tape as
encountered above, made the group realise the value of having more
projects on the 'burner'. While some are simmering, others might need more 
The result is more consistent 'workflow' and motivated volunteers.
To assist us in identifying projects, we'd like to call on all riders to help bring issues to our attention. These can include:
1) Fences blocking potential connecting routes
2) Natural obstacles - rivers, wetlands etc
3) Man-made obstacles - culverts, roads etc
4) Potential new sites
5) Tell us about illegal activity and dumping
6) Send us your routes. How do you ride in the area. Gps tracks are best.

We will compile the data and then be able to identify the 'hotspots'.
Please send all correspondence to gauteng@amarider.co.za
You can donate to the project by visiting www.amarider.co.za and join us on the Facebook www.facebook.com/amarider

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