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  1. It is the task of the Bible Society of South Africa to make the Bible available to all South Africans. With this project the Bible Society want to ensure that even those who cannot afford a Bible are not excluded from the message of the Word of God. In South Africa there are millions of people who fall in a low income group (some sources indicate that as many as 50% of the South African population are living on or below the breadlin...


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  1. Bibles for prisoners - a light in dark places
    "For me as a believer the Bible is the Word of God. It keeps me away from wrong paths and makes me aware of what is wrong and what the truth is. The Bible is full of God’s promises...
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  2. IsiNdebele Bibles
    This November, the complete Bible will be launched in isiNdebele – the only official South African language in which the Good News is not yet available. For the first time, isiNdeb...
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