Over the past 3 years our loyal supporters and PfP Education Activists have made it possible for Partners for Possibility to touch the lives of many children, teachers and communities. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The PfP Programme incorporates the (simple) idea of active citizenship by partnering business leaders with school principals in order to enable principals to lead change at their schools, and ultimately to improve education for all children in South Africa. By supporting the Partners for Possibility, you will help a principal to help a child!

As we work with their principals to give them what they need, our ultimate goal is to reach each and every child, and to see a wonderful future for each of these little stars! Through our Partners for Possibility Programme, we are seeing happier principals, happier teachers, more engaged parents and happier learners.

We welcome you to fundraise for us and to become a PfP Education Activist and assist us in manifesting our bold and audacious vision of quality education for all South African learners by 2020!!!

A bold vision, indeed, but one that we can achieve if we "walk together" and work together to ensure a better education outcomes in South Africa.

Please email Mandy Collins - pfp@symphonia.net - for more information on how you can, via GivenGain, make a difference in the lives of the learners in this beautiful country of ours.

Yours in education,

The Partners for Possibility Team

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Fundraiser projects

10 Fundraiser projects

Morne is running the Cape Town Marathon for change!

By Morne engelbrecht

Helping out my favourite charity one kilometre at a time.

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R1,000 Target

Running the CT Marathon for kids!

By Gavin Weir

Running and making a difference!

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R3,000 Target

Make a Difference to SA Education

By Jen Taylor

Principals & Business Leaders in reciprocal co-learning and co-action partnerships to strengthen ...

1% Completed
R600 raised
R1,000,000 Target

Tanya's 99er Challenge for PfP

By Tanya Mathwasa


0% Completed
R0 raised
R1,000 Target