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  1. Over the past 3 years our loyal supporters and PfP Education Activists have made it possible for Partners for Possibility to touch the lives of many children, teachers and communities. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!The PfP Programme incorporates the (simple) idea of active citizenship by partnering business leaders with school principals in order to enable principals to lead change at their schools, and ultimately to...

    community development

    R64,579 raised
    7 Activist projects
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  1. Champions for Change
    Help Symphonia for South Africa to achieve quality education for all South African learners by 2022. We will achieve this by expanding the Partner for Possibility programme to 150 schoo...
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  2. Louise's 50th - Kannemeyer Primary School
    Louise has donated her 50th birthday to 2 causes close to her heart - Kannemeyer Primary School is one of these causes
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  3. Edward Einsteins
    Rene Bonzet has a strong desire to be a Partner for Possibility and to give of her time and energy to a school that needs her experience and wisdom. Here is your opportunity to contribut...
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