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  1. Avoca Gate Upgrade: A sad reality we face in South Africa is the fact that our wildlife is under continuous threat, through habitat loss, illegal trade, poaching and other wildlife crime.  Here at the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, we strive to ensure that our reserve and those that surround us, become protectors and guardians of our wildlife heritage.  Those that have been lucky enough to visit the reserve, are all fam...

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Other campaigns

  1. Self-sustainable eco-pickets - Giving Greens
    By donating to Giving Greens, you can assist in supporting the overall health of our Field Rangers who work tirelessly to keep our wildlife protected.
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  2. Timbavati Canine Rangers
    The Timbavati Private Nature Reserve has five highly skilled and trained dogs. Help us keep these heroes active in the fight against wildlife poaching
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