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  1. 78 kids, 2 dedicated mamas, 40sqm and amazing amounts of love = Mthumbane Creche Project.  Few of the children's parents can afford the 5R monthly fee, and whilst the government provides a daily meal and salaries, basics such as gas and a little more space are at the mercy of your generous pockets!!! So, why it's important.  Not all the children have the guarantee of a substantial daily meal, and...

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  1. Mthumbane Craft project
    Mthumbane Craft Project is an amazing example of a skills training initiative.  Katrine, its founder, arrived from Germany with an passionate vision to empower locals through s...
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  2. Port St. Johns Animal Welfare Initiative
    Background The former Transkei, an area approximately 41100 km2 in size, is an impoverished region where animal welfare is a low priority for many who do not, or simply cannot,...
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  3. mtumbane music project
    No Description.
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