Prayer Spaces In Schools

Schools all over the United Kingdom and Ireland (and beyond) are hosting Prayer Spaces, and tens of thousands of children and young people are exploring prayer in simple, creative ways.

Prayer Spaces in Schools is growing, fast, and we need your help to continue. We need you to join with us as a Supporter.

We want to continue to develop our website so that it offers the very best resources - downloadable prayer zones and curriculum guides, videos, stories and reports - to those wanting to run Prayer Spaces in their local schools. We want to continue to host high quality training and equipping workshops for school staff and for church workers in their localities. We want to research and develop ways to develop the ongoing spiritual life in schools. We want to offer better online and phone support to those running prayer spaces, before, during and after their week (or their day). And we need your help to do all this.

We would like you to consider becoming a Prayer Spaces in Schools Supporter, to partner with us by giving a small amount of money - £5, £10, £20, £50 - as a one-off donation, or, even better, every month. Even a small amount will help us make a big difference in the lives of children and young people.



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