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Siyakholwa launches vaccine demand creation campaign

Siyakholwa launches vaccine demand creation campaign

We in partnership with the Civil Society Activist, Churches, Other NGOs we have launched a six-month-long vaccine demand creation campaign to support the vaccine drive aimed at achieving the 28 million target of first dose vaccination for adults by the end of 2021.

The campaign calls to ALL JUMP GET YOUR GAP SA and get vaccinated so that we can get back to living. It's rich with insights that have been gathered from research studies since the beginning of the country’s vaccination roll-out to identify contributing factors to the slow uptake of vaccines. The research insights have revealed that despite two-thirds of the population saying they intend to vaccinate, taking action has been impacted by inertia, hesitancy and anti-vaccine attitudes and perceptions.

Our challenge is both to NGOs to be part of area-based teams and to funders to join in ensuring that the expertise and capacity of civil society are fully mobilised for the vaccination effort.

The purpose of the Fund

We fundraise for R100,000 to fund each NGOs in Rural Areas and Informal Settlements to become actively involved in the vaccination programme by:

Being an active participant in their local area-based team.

Engaging with community organisations and networks to promote the uptake of vaccination.

Addressing the challenge of transport to and from vaccination sites, either by providing transport or by mobilising local transport providers to get involved.

Providing from-the-ground feedback to the provincial and national programme managers that can improve implementation.

Within the above parameters, these grants may be used at the discretion of the NGO, for expenses related to bringing in additional capacity into the organisation to free up some of the time of its leadership and travel and other costs related to community mobilisation and access. This discretion is granted on condition that proof of expenditure is made available on request by the funders.

Siyakholwa will continue to work with the NGOs to develop an active network of NGOs that can share ideas and experience and learn from each other, and to provide information and communication resources that will be helpful in community mobilisation.

Area-based teams

Three of the factors critical to the success of the vaccination programme are the ability to:
Know the community: Identify all the people in a geographical area, older people first;
Communicate: Mobilise communities so that there is both knowledge and motivation to be vaccinated.

Ensure access: Coordinate the vaccination programme to ensure that everyone is reached either at a vaccination site or through outreach services.

For these reasons, an area-based approach to planning, coordination and management is encouraged. “Areas” are defined as a district or sub-district comprised of a number of municipal wards. The role of the area-based team (SIYAKHOLWA & TEAM) will be to lead the local mobilisation of community leaders and ensure coordinated planning, but formal and legal accountability will still rest with the district or metro department of health officials assigned as the district vaccination team lead.

Selection Criteria

The joint selection committee will be considering the following factors in deciding on the final Vaccine Challenge Fund grant recipients in the second funding round:
Community mobilisation, public health systems and/or logistical competencies;

Funding utilisation plan (considered, practicable);

Financial management and project reporting competencies;

History of successful collaboration with public and/or private sector entities; and

An existing physical presence in the district concerned.



WhatsApp number

info@siyakholwasupportcarecentre.org.za / siyakholwatrans@gmail.com