Outreach Feeding Help For The Nations.

Help Us To Help Them.

The need to raise a special fund has  now become one of our priorities.

As we take the Gospel to the nations we are confronted with the needs that are so desperate and require urgent response from all involved, once you are faced with this you are changed and know you need to do something now. The scenes haunt you each time you are reminded and call out to you to "don't forget about us."


Moving in the frontlines of Ministry brings us face to face with our enemy Poverty and its terrible twin Hunger.

As we minister among the nations and in the poorer areas we are challenged with under fed people and malnutrition, we have tried to leave it to others but are sadly brought to the reality that there are no others. We are the only one's out there, those who are supposed to, are locked up in meetings about who may receive help and who may not and much of the resources are used up before it can reach those in need. Our method of ministry brings us into contact with the sick and the dying and many times they are in this state from malnutrition. The figures of those suffering from Hiv and TB related illness is scarey and it is increasing day by day, on my hospital visits the reality becomes too much to bare and would tear the most hardened heart, as I am writing it is as if I am contending with you on behalf of the poor and dying to do something now. If we don't who will and if not you or me, then who, do not say tomorrow, they will be gone tomorrow. Listen to me, many times when I pray for the sick, the next day I expect to see them well and many are helped, but sadly there are those who are not, and I find a new victim in the bed,  this is multiplied over and over, day by day, hospital ward by hospital ward, hospital by hospital, province by province, country by country, here today and gone tomorrow. Even the staff dont see what I see, I do the whole hospital on a visit, they only see their section, I see the whole picture, they see in part, can you see, this great need? 

 Help Us To Help Them.

More and more as I receive invitations to minister in there is a definite cry to help with  food, poverty and hiv and aids related cases, orphans and even shelter, as an outreach organization we try to concerntrate on our task yet we cannot and may not ignore these cries and we are appealing to you as individuals and as organizations and even governments to respond and DO WHAT IS RIGHT before it is to late for them.

Evangelist Ricky van der Walt.


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