The award-winning Umthombo Youth Development Foundation identifies, trains and supports rural youth to become qualified health care professionals in order to address the human resource shortages at rural hospitals - thereby improving health care to rural communities (learn more about our program). In 2020, we are supporting 180 rural youth to study 16 different health science disciplines. Here are three reasons for you to support a student:

  • Change an individual’s future: You can open a sustainable way out of poverty for a young student from Kwa-Zulu-Natal -  direct, individual support with no administration fees
  • Change the future of a rural community: To date, we have produced 434 graduates - 155 of which are Doctors and 57% are women. They are working in rural hospitals and thus improving healthcare delivery to the most indigent people.
  • Change the future of the country: Invest in South Africa's (economic) future and create a future taxpayer - the cost of training 254 graduates (in 2015) of R186 million is tiny compared to the the future income tax of R1,2 billion that will be paid over a graduates lifetime.

Due to our partnership with the South African government, where they have undertaken to cover our student's fees, the support we need to provide is relatively small but essential.

Student Top-up allowance:
 for food, books, minor equipment and to cover accommodation shortfalls. US$ 1,885 (R32,000)

    Academic & Social Mentoring Support: this support significantly increases the chances of academic success from around 40% to over 90%!  US$ 1,300 (R22,000)

    You can choose to contribute your own amount to these critical aspects of student support, either as a once-off donation or hopefully monthly!

    Of course you could also choose to become a fundraiser on behalf of a student: click "start fundraising" on this platform and collect donations for your next birthday, marathon or Christmas party. We'll be happy to provide you with further details of the impact of our work, including statistics to share with others as well provide information about an individual student to support.

    Whatever option you select: you will be a significant part of a life changing opportunity for a young student - click here to learn about success stories from graduates and how former donors gave them a way out of poverty. For a 1-year donation, you will receive personal feedback from the student supported. Thank you for making a difference!

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