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  1. Dr Kiran Martin, a doctor and a mother to thousands. She gave her life to serve thousands of urban poor of Delhi. It’s her 60th birthday on June 9th, and what better gift could we give her than helping her in her vision for Asha which she started 31 years ago. She laid the foundation of Asha as a young doctor who gave her life in service to the poor and needy in the slums of Delhi. In 1988 when there was a cholera outbreak in the Del...


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Other campaigns

  1. General Medical, and Maternal and New Born Health
    Asha’s multi-level healthcare system results in reduced child mortality, fewer maternal deaths, better nutrition and a lower birthrate.
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  2. Career Counseling & Higher Education
    Asha has also introduced career counseling for high school students. By being guided towards choosing the most appropriate school subjects, students can maximise their chances of gaining...
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  3. English Literacy Programme
    Asha introduced a variety of programmes aimed at improving the education offered to slum children. The English Literacy Programme is designed to enhance speaking and writing abilities so...
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