Creating Thriving Communities: One Family at a time!


The goal of this project is to provide a safe, stable, nurturing environment for children to have the best opportunity to develop to their full potential and thrive. A child develops and understands itself via interpersonal engagement with parents, and as the parent reflects back to child, that is how the child develops it s identity. Children can’t develop in isolation. At FAMSA, we believe that the family is the best environment for the child to flourish and develop to full potential. It is therefore vital for children’s development, that the family is functional.
The aim of this project is therefore to improve general family functioning in disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape, thereby equipping families to provide this stable and safe environment for their children and increasing the capacity of families to better care for their children.


Dysfunctional behaviour within the families /relationships and the disintegration of family life impact on the well-being of family members and lead to family breakdown and thereby negatively affect communities and society as a whole. Social and socio-economic problems contribute as a cause or as a symptom of family breakdown. Therefore, the South African socio-economic context can make families vulnerable to family breakdown

What can be done?

BUILDING COMMUNITIES: ONE RELATIONSHIP AT A TIME - FAMSA offers COMMUNITY LAY COUNSELLING SERVICES and workshops that empower individuals and families and uplift the community as a whole.
As the family is the major source of stress and social support, the objective of this project is move families from “stress” to “support”/or “healthy” functioning through free Community Lay Counselling.
This project also provides part time employment to community members who have been trained in Basic Counselling Skills.

The impact of this family intervention

Healing families and relationships. Supporting those who have experienced trauma.
By focussing and unpacking the nature of the family functioning, the counsellors equip and empower the family members to:
  • become more accessible to each other
  • respond more appropriately to each other
  • engage with more attuned communication
  • be more flexible in their behaviour
  • take on more appropriate roles
  • be more effective at problem solving
Functional families are better able to cope with external stresses such as unemployment, drugs, gangsterism, crime. Families become more resilient.



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