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  1. This goal is addressing the issue of orphans and vulnerable children. Objective 1: Safety in Communitites - Mobilising communities to work together for the well-being of thier children. Objective 2: Quality Care for Children - Equipping organisations working with children to provide quality care, through healthy well-functioning systems. Objective 3: Church Mobilisation - Engaging and mobilising churches to respond to the needs of...


    R19,821 raised
    9 Activist projects
    24 Donors

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  1. Goal 2: To develop opportunites for improved education
    This goal is addressing the issue of limited education Objective 1: Registered and well run ECD Centre's - Ensuring that the ECD centre's linked to the network are empowered to comply w...
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  2. Goal 3: To develop resourceful and resilient women
    This goal is addressing the issues of violence, sexual exploitation and crisis pregnancy Objective 1: Counselling skills training - ensuring that the women focused projects are equipped...
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  3. New Members: Application for Registration Form
    Should you be interested to join, kindly Contact Us.  We will send you an information pack and an application form. You can also view About Us for more information on the netwo...
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