World hot spots receiving special broadcast attention: The Ukraine, Syria & Iraq.  

Our newspapers have been full of reports of violence around the world. Countries like Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Ukraine are subject to destabilizing revolutions, while yet more countries and nations are embroiled in petty turf wars and sectarian violence. While these wars rage on, our hearts go out to millions of believers in these countries who live under life threatening circumstances, and for whom every day is a fight for survival. Pray with us that God will bring peace and revival to the beleaguered nations of the world.  

The UN recently reported that a staggering 50 million people worldwide are either refugees, asylum seekers or displaced within their own countries. Pray for their safety and salvation.  The civil war in Syria has led to the creation of 2.5 million refugees. A further 6.5 million people are displaced. Pray that God will grant them protection, healing from hurt and salvation.

Pray for Christians in Iraq. Much of Northern Iraq was taken over by Sunni Muslim militants by June 2014. It is feared that being a Christian in Iraq will soon be both illegal and life-threatening. Christians were given an ultimatum to either convert to Islam pay protection  money or flee. By late July 2014, 600 000 Christians and Shiite Muslims have fled the northern Nineveh province of Iraq to avoid persecution as a second wave of fleeing from radical Sunni militants enforcing a jihad upon all non-conformist religious groupings in the north. 

FEBA and our partners broadcast messages or reconciliation and hope. The FM station is quite popular and effective in what it achieves. Pray for our team's protection and that God will grant them wisdom and sensitivity in their program production. Your support helps to keep these VITAL broadcasts on air! 





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