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  1. For a donation of R949, you receive a wind-up/solar radio, and we send the other one where it will broadcast the gospel! May God bless you abundantly for your purchase of a wind-up radio for R949.00 (US$85). The gift of a radio is to many in the least-developed world, a wonderful friend. Testimonies of changed lifes speak of the power of radio to renew Eternal Hope to otherwise hopeless lives. Thank you so much for giving the g...


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  1. Francophone Africa in need of hope!
     THE GOSPEL TO FRANCOPHONE AFRCA BY RADIO Send the Words of Eternal Life to 300 million potential listeners in Francophone Central Africa, many of whom have little more than a radi...
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  2. Radio ministry to the Muslim Yao (Malawi)
    Give:  R300 ($30), R500 ($50), R1000 ($100) or, your own amount.     When FEBA Radio South Africa broke the news about the construction of a new FM radio station at Ndeng...
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  3. Special broadcasts in times of crisis
    50 MILLION PEOPLE DISPLACED DUE TO THE RAVAGES OF WAR World hot spots receiving special broadcast attention: The Ukraine, Syria & Iraq.   Our newspapers have been full of repo...
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