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  1. FEBA Radio South-Africa will designate your gift to a project where funds are needed most. Give anything from R100 ($14.00USD) to R100 000 Thank you for your valued partnership with us for the sake of the millions who are yet to hear!


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  1. Buy one-Donate one! Solar/Wind-up Radio for R949.00
    For a donation of R949, you receive a wind-up/solar radio, and we send the other one where it will broadcast the gospel! May God bless you abundantly for your purchase of a wind-up radio...
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  2. Special broadcasts in times of crisis
    50 MILLION PEOPLE DISPLACED DUE TO THE RAVAGES OF WAR World hot spots receiving special broadcast attention: The Ukraine, Syria & Iraq.   Our newspapers have been full of repo...
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  3. Radio ministry to the Muslim Yao (Malawi)
    Give:  R300 ($30), R500 ($50), R1000 ($100) or, your own amount.     When FEBA Radio South Africa broke the news about the construction of a new FM radio station at Ndeng...
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