The fynbos, situated along the south-western tip of Africa, is recognized as a World heritage Site, a biodiversity hotspot and a Floral Kingdom. It is found nowhere else on Earth, has the highest species richness in the world, and its scenic beauty is the foundation of the region’s growing tourism industry. The fynbos ecosystems also provide services critical for human survival, such as freshwater, soil and oxygen provision. As the area is vulnerable to climate change, protecting fynbos ecosystems is key to withstanding these climatic changes and to protecting our current lifestyles. More than 80% of the fynbos has been lost. As a result, 26 plant species have been driven to extinction and 1736 are currently threatened with extinction. The Fynbos Land Protection Campaign aims to connect and expand the remaining pristine areas of fynbos to create a network of natural corridors across the landscape, saving thousands of unique species, reclaiming the Cape’s scenic beauty and providing space for people, ecosystems and wildlife to thrive.Read more about the work we do here.



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