Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Programme

Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) are groups of children that experience negative outcomes at higher rates than do their peers. To be protected from negative outcomes and/or allowed participation, OVC need to be given special attention to remove the barriers that stand in the way of their equal participation in projects designed to benefit all children, or through special project components and targeting strategies tailored to their needs.

Factors leading to vulnerability included severe chronic illness of a parent or caregiver, poverty, hunger, lack of access to services, inadequate clothing or shelter, overcrowding, deficient caretakers, and factors specific to the child, including disability, direct experience of physical or sexual violence, or severe chronic illness.

Specific focus for Topsy is children up to the age of 18 (including pre-schools and organisations caring for vulnerable children). Although all programmes will be child-centred, the overall aims of the organization would be to strengthen the family and community and result in the involvement of more community members by creating a sense of ownership and long-term sustainability.

By donating to this programme you will enable Topsy to continue with:

  • The holistic care of orphaned and vulnerable children;
  • The provision of food security to communities threatened by malnutrition;
  • Income generation to help alleviate poverty.

The activities undertaken in the OVC programme are:

Afterschool and homework facilitation project

Food security - vegatable gardens and food and hygiene parcels

Youth Development project - tertiary education drive and career guidance

Provision of school uniforms

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