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Our primary mission is to spread the word through the written word. If you find any teachings on our website beneficial, consider yourself as a channel of God's grace and prayerfully pass them on to others. We also encourage you to spread our tracts and polemical materials to Jews, Muslims and other seekers. We permit duplication, republication and distribution of these materials without any need for specific permission, provided it is not for commercial gain and that Messianic Good News is given credit as the source of the material. Some of these materials are available as booklets and can be ordered from our office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The purpose of a Christian teaching ministry is to equip believers for the works that God has prepared in advance for them to do (2 Tim. 3:17, Eph. 2:10).

Most of our materials are distributed free of charge and we depend on voluntary support. We thus appeal to those who derive benefit from our publications to make a donation toward our work.

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