Following a life-changing rugby injury, the player and their families are faced with enormous day to day challenges. Despite this the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players' Fund ensures that no one is ever forgotten and that the ethos of rugby long surpasses the player's days on the pitch!

As each individual, their injury and their home circumstance are unique, so are their needs. It is our role to identify where we can help and do all that we can to make their journey to their "new normal" as smooth as possible.

Over our 38 year history, the impact of the Players' Fund has been felt by over 400 players and their families. We have been able to provide mobility equipment so that life outside their home is possible. We have renovated homes so that they are wheelchair accessible. We have enabled former players to further their education and secure jobs. We have supported families financially when the head of the house can no longer work. We have enabled transport to and from hospital appointments and funded rehabilitative care. We have been at the end of the phone through the good times and the bad and above all else - we have cared for those whose lives have been changed by a game we all love.

This has earned us the reputation of being Rugby's Caring Hands!

But in order to continue playing this role we need your help!


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Account Name: Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players' Fund

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: Rondebosch

Branch Code: 025009

Account Number: 071514546

SWIFT Code: SBZAZAJJ (For international donations)

Note: Please use your name and telephone number as reference.

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Fundraiser projects

8 Fundraiser projects

I am raising funds riding on the beach over two days for The Players' Fund!

By Steed Richardson

Hi! I need your help. I’m taking part in Rugbytots Fat Attack Beach Ride 2019 to raise money for ...

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R10,000 Target

Team Karin and Lize are raising funds for Rugby's Caring Hands. We will cycle the beautiful stretch of Coastline between Aniston and Agulhas for Rugby

By Lize Kruger

Hi! We need your help. We are taking part in Rugbytots Fat Attack Beach Ride 2019 ...

19.59% Completed
R1,959 raised
R10,000 Target

One km at a time: Walking the Camino for the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players' Fund

By Jeanette Clark

I am Walking the Way for those who cannot walk anymore. On the 16th of June 2019 I will...

20% Completed
R2,000 raised
R10,000 Target

I am raising funds for Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players' Fund

By Marelise Badenhorst

On the 7th of April, we will be traveling to NepaI to climb a mountain called Imja Tse (Island Pe...

33.19% Completed
R3,319 raised
R10,000 Target