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STEM was developed by SCO as an opportunity for recent graduates to experience ministry for one year.  STEM is currently being redesigned to be more relevant for today’s world and will be available again in 2008.   STEM participants will start from August 2007, when accepted into the program, but the year “officially” begins January 2008.  From August until January, the stemmer must fundraise for 2008 living expenses (at least R1 000 pm).  Basic training and tools will be provided to each stemmer and the exact fundraising target will be determined between the participant and director. 

STEM begins with two weeks of training in Port Elizabeth, 13-26 January 2008.  It is mandatory that all stemmers attend the training.  Five specific topics will be addressed within the training: SCO Basics, Creation Stewardship, HIV/Aids, Bible Study & Interpretation, and Evangelism & Discipleship.

Each stemmer will be placed with a staff worker who will mentor them throughout the year.  A stemmer can expect to spend lots of time with the staff worker, learning from and working alongside of him/her.  Reading assignments and ministry targets will be given by the director on a regular basis as a continuation of theoretical training.

STEM is about “experiencing” ministry and growing as a person: understanding oneself, how to relate to God, and how to live out God’s purposes on a daily basis.  Participating in STEM does not mean that one will or has to come on staff with SCO.  It should be noted that the training provided through STEM does not culminate in a degree or accreditation by a higher institution.  It is strictly provided for personal growth and understanding of ministry.

We are accepting 10 participants for STEM 2008!  Applicants must have completed a tertiary degree, be willing to give a year to full-time ministry with SCO, and be able to raise living expenses for the year.  Please contact Samantha if you would like more information on the program or to request an application form.  Applications for STEM 2008 will close 10 August 2007.  Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by 31 August 2007.

 Financial Need

Wouldn’t it be great for STEM to be financially stable with participants who are able to meet their daily needs and focus their attention on SCO’s ministry?  We desire for stemmers to experience God’s provision in a practical way through the Body of Christ.  How can you be part of God’s Provision?


1.  Become a “matching donor” to one of our participants.  This concept has been designed to help encourage stemmers w/their fundraising.  If you make a commitment of R100pm, that commitment will be used to “match” a donor who has been personally approached by the stemmer and who also makes a commitment of R100pm.


2.  Let’s provide training free of charge for our stemmers!!!  Without the burden of paying a large amount of money at the beginning of the year, stemmers can remain focused on fundraising for their monthly needs.  The 2 weeks of training at the beginning of 2008 will cost approximately R 2 000 per person.  Will you be 1 of 10 people who sponsors an individuals training?


If you have questions concerning the financial needs of STEM, please contact Samantha. Donations can be made through this website. If you’d like your donation to be designated to a specific aspect of STEM, please let Samantha know.



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