e'Pap Project

SANTA has a long standing relationship with e'Pap. And through research it has found that e'Pap help greatly with the curing of It's TB patients.


Cure rates are reported from clinics

(38% improvement). Quality of life improvements and weight gains (up to 10kg in
10 days) are measured from SANTA’s offices.

By supporting the TB patients with a nutritional food three key issues will be addressed: Better management of TB and a reduction of drug resistant TB caused by a lack of drug compliance Reduction of TB re-infections by helping keep cured TB patient’s nutritional status in a nutrient replete state.

Feeding care workers and close family members
e’Pap will help keep their nutritional status in a nutrient replete state –
this will help reduce the risk of them becoming infected.

Cost of e’Pap

The ex-factory outreach cost for e’Pap is R450 per 20kg (40 x 500grams) Bale.

A daily portion of 50 grams (4 table spoons) is made up with 150ml of water to make a daily meal of 200 grams. Monthly requirement per person is 1,5kg (3 x 500 gram sachets) = R33.75

To help reduce the transport component cost to each distribution point – we would propose that SANTA approach logistic companies to use their CSI budgets to collect and transport the e’Pap. It is also proposed that once a needs analysis is complete it will then be possible to approach corporates and

Foundations to adopt one or more of the needs of a SANTA distribution point
depending on their affordability for a minimum of 1 year to ensure continuity.

In this way – the load of a potential very large project will be spread across many donors helping to keep the project sustainable.



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