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Featured campaign

  1. Cheetah Outreach needs your help in mitigating human-predator conflict. Human-predator conflict is a worldwide problem for livestock farmers. Here in South Africa, with a diverse wildlife population and threats to the survival of several species like the cheetah and leopard, non-lethal predator control methods need to be implemented. This is where the Cheetah Outreach Trust comes in and places Anatolian livestock guarding dogs on fa...

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    R169,756 raised
    6 Fundraiser projects
    41 Donors

Other campaigns

  1. Recollar Zeena the cheetah
    Zeena the free roaming cheetah needs to be recollared
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  2. #GivingTuesday Cheetah Outreach Trust
    Raising funds to support in-situ cheetah conservation
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  3. Helping free roaming cheetah and leopard
    Predators often fall prey to humans, we work in Limpopo and North West provinces to assist farmers & predators in resolving human-wildlife conflict.
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