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What is Parish Nursing? Whole-person healthcare through the local church.

Parish nursing is a way of rediscovering the essential wholeness of the Gospel as Jesus proclaimed it… body and soul. Churches are encouraged to recognise and employ specially trained nurses as part of their ministry teams to deliver holistic health care, both spiritual and physical, amongst their congregations and communities.

Parish nurses are not purveyors of injections and dressings. They are nurse practitioners with experience in preventive medicine and some theological training. They are staff members of the church’s ministry team, working together with the congregation to promote the holistic message of the Gospel in the local community.

What a tremendous opportunity this is for the local church to be at the forefront of healthcare provision – a place where we have a God-given right to be!
An increasing number of nurses are being trained and Parish Nursing projects are already underway in a number of places in the British Isles – but many more are needed. Please take a look at the Parish Nursing website, http://parishnursing.co.uk

HCF fully endorses Parish Nursing and if you want to know more about this innovative ministry that has been raised up for such a time as this then please get in touch with Linda at linda.harris14@btinternet.com