Heartbeat has a TEF (Tertiary Education Fund) through which we create opportunities for orphans in our programmes to continue with their tertiary education.

We have a number of partners in the Tertiary Education Field (e.g. Cida City Campus, and the Tomorrow Trust) that take our hands to ensure that orphaned youths get a chance to create a future for themselves through tertiary education.

This fund is assessed annually.  This assessment is accompanied by career guidance for matriculants.  Through partners like the Tomorrow Trust, Heartbeat then tries to link orphans with institutions where they can further their studies, enroll for a learnership or get in-service training.

Based on academic merit, funds available in the TEF and strategic partnerships secured, the TEF then grants orphans in our programmes an opportunity to strive for a better future by means of a tertiary qualification or skills training.

(Please note:  Due to a lack of sufficient funds not all children in Heartbeat's programmes can benefit from the TEF, but all children have equal opportunities to access this fund.  With your assistance and support, we could give more matriculants the opportunity to further their education after matric.)

Thank you for your support!

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