What you give us?
Heartbeat has a TEF (Tertiary Education Fund) through which we create opportunities for orphans in our programmes to continue with their tertiary education. This fund is assessed annually, together with the number of matriculants in Heartbeat’s programmes that wish to continue their tertiary education. Based on academic merit, funds available and partnerships secured, the TEF then enables orphans to secure a brighter future for them through tertiary education.
What we give you?
An annual financial & narrative report will indicate what the total income to the TEF was for the particular financial year. You will know how many students were supported through the TEF, which courses or programmes they followed. You will also receive narrative reports from the students themselves, indicating how the TEF has supported them and enabled them to improve their futures, through tertiary education. Upon your request, Heartbeat can issue a tax exemption certificate for your contribution to the TEF. Such a certificate would be emailed to you.



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