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The ministry of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland has been declaring that Jesus is Lord! In South Africa and Africa, for almost 3 decades. Officially it was registered in South Africa on the 5th of May 1982, as an extended company of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, a.k.a. Eagle Mountain International Church in the United States of America (under the name "International Church of the Word of Faith Incorporated).

In 1985 the office was closed due to sanctions that were imposed against all South African companies, by the U.S.A. government because of Apartheid. After the sanctions were lifted, the offices re-opening in Randburg, Johannesburg in November 1989 with 6 staff members. In December 1994, the ministry moved into its current offices in Randburg, Johannesburg where we are still located to serve the partners and friends of this ministry, in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In November 1996, during the South African Believers International Convention held at the World Trade Centre in Kempton Park, brother Copeland said the following by the Spirit of God:

This country (South Africa) has always had praying people in it praying people of all colours. There's always been praying people in this country, oh yes. That's where your success has been all the time; it certainly hasn't been in politicians. No nation's success is in their politics; it's in their praying. This is a praying nation.

During a service in Johannesburg in April 1999, brother Copeland prophesied the following:

In My eyes this place is the heart of Africa and has blessed through obedience to the Holy Spirit many, many, many nations of the world. For people have gone from this place and ministered in all cultures, in all tongues, and in all tribes and in all peoples on the earth.
Fear not and hear not what the world is saying and the opinions of those who know nothing about Me and nothing about what I'm doing, Sayeth the Lord. If you will pray and seek my face you can stop. (Tongues)..Okay, you can totally stop the epidemic of sickness and disease, if you'll just begin to pray now and begin to quote my Word and say before Me on a daily basis, Thank God no sickness or disease can stop my country or my church or my family or my body. For My healing is for your nation, for your church, for your family and for your body.

During February 2004 we hosted the first international meetings with Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons in South Africa.

On the 1st of April 2005, the ministry in South Africa started to operate as a Section 21 company under the South African Companies Act of 1973. This underlines the fact that the ministry is here to stay and to serve and reach out to the people of South Africa and Africa.



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