Giving excellent quality care to God's precious children in Lesotho is no easy task. It requires many committed people taking on a variety of responsibilities to ensure that the children under our care receive the very best we can give. Beautiful Gate Lesotho is well known in the area surrounding Maseru, Lesotho, as a shining example of how to care for children. Since its establishment in June 2001, the center has cared for over 300 children and has seen well over 100 children adopted both locally and internationally with the cooperation of the Health and Social Welfare Departments of Lesotho. We are dedicated to providing these children three wholesome meals day, positive educational activities, great play opportunities, quality health care and loving and nurturing care from devoted staff.

It takes a community to raise a child
Children come to Beautiful Gate Lesotho for many reasons. Often, poverty or a mental or physical illness, have robbed family members of their ability to provide for a child. Some children brought to us have been rescued from trash bins and pit toilets, found in abandoned houses and on bus seats, left in open fields and on forest floors. Often these children are very ill, thin and weak. They require a lot of extra nutrition, proper health care and nurturing love to help bring them to full recovery. Our “community”, the wonderful staff of Beautiful Gate Lesotho, give these children the love and attention they need to enable them to be well and grow strong.

But our “community” cannot do this alone. It takes even more people doing small things to help us make a large impact. One way you can make a difference is to become a part of our extended “community" is by donating to our operating expenses. This does not require a large commitment but it does have an eternal impact on the Kingdom of God. These children need your love and support to ensure that they will receive the very best start in life. The quality care our children receive while at Beautiful Gate Lesotho can be seen by the many children now thriving in their new adoptive families around the globe. We need sponsors willing to help fulfill the James 1:27 mandate by financially sharing in the care of the beautiful children at Beautiful Gate Lesotho. "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

Beautiful Gate Lesotho's Challenges
One of the main challenges facing Beautiful Gate Lesotho is to finance the 24-7, 365-day-a-year, high-quality care these children receive in their "baby houses". We currently have four "baby houses" in use on our site-Khotso 1, Khotso 2, Pula 1, Pula 2 and Nala 2. Each house typically accommodates 12-15 children and has one full time house mother and three support staff from the local community who provide hands-on care to the children. In addition, we employ a Nurse, a Social Worker, Play Group Coordinators to provide activities for our toddlers and preschoolers, maintenance staff, and others. This is the “community” we depend on to help us care for the children at Beautiful Gate Lesotho.

One Child at a Time

Each child at Beautiful Gate is a valuable part of our family. They each have an identity and personality that is only theirs. In order to properly care for each child's needs, we have an operating expense of 4 million Rand annually. When broken down it costs Beautiful Gate approximately 5,000 Rand per month to care for one child. This cost covers the child's food and medical costs, the staffing costs to provide quality care for each child and the utilities to provide a safe environment for the child to live and grow in.

Are you able to cover a child for a month? Are you able to cover a child for a year?

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17 Fundraiser projects

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