Transportation of tool from Livingstone to Lusaka

Greetings my name is Isaac Chitenta director general for topping crue foundation a small community based organization based in Zambia Africa. Iam humbly contacting you for assistant on behalf of Topping Crue Foundation - Home a small grassroot non-profit organization which is fundraising 560 USD for the transportation of donated community development materials to Libuyu, Livingstone, Zambia. Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world: 60% of the population live in poverty, 42% are highly vulnerable and live in extreme poverty. Topping Crue foundation is located in Kasiya ward which has a total population of 9,165 and 40% of this population are poor while 60% of them are extremely poor and highly vulnerable. And we topping Crue foundation have been working so hard to change the lives of our community members. To this effect we managed to secure a generous donation of tools from Tools with a Mission, a UK-based charity. We already paid Tools with a Mission to provides shipping of the tools from the UK to Lusaka, Zambia, 485 km and 6 hours drive away from Livingstone. Hence in order to bring the tools to their final destination in the Libuyu Township where we are based, we need 560 USD equivalent to pay for the transportation. Please support us by donating on our fundraising page which is on this platform. and should you want to directly deposit into the foundation Bank account kindly go to our website order to bring the tools to their final destination in the Libuyu Township, we need 560 USD to pay for the transportation. Please help us raise these funds and contribute to the following:  Quality basic education for 200 girls and boys:
- Students' and teachers' books for Maths, English and Science will help to improve academic outcomes, especially in maths (90% of children in Zambia fail maths at grade 12 examinations). - 2 desktop computers and 1 laptop will provide access to IT in schools that currently have no computers at all. Skills training, job insertion, income generation and support for self-subsistence for 500 most vulnerable women and men:- Professional equipment for sewing, knitting, carpentry, building, plumbing, motor mechanics and electricians will enable us to provide skills training to men and women, which capacitate them to find employment or start their own small enterprise. This will enable them to feed their families and support their children to go to school. - Ground workers and agricultural tools will be used to start a gardening programme, for the communities to grow their own vegetables to provide healthy nutrition for the children, and for income generation. Please come on board and support us with any amount of donation you can afford to enable us to successfully transport the goods for the benefit of our children and the community members we are servicing.

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