It is with great interest that we as Topping crue foundation are fundraising for our open learning community school. We are a non-profit making organization. Our organization was created to fight poverty and vulnerability through community education and community empowerment .We and our school are located in the shanty compound of Libuyu Township Livingstone District Zambia Africa were most vulnerable and disadvantaged people live. We are hereby humbly fundraising for 150 chairs, 150 tables, 4 electric heaters, 20 new iron sheets, roofing nails, 8 planks, 1 toilet pan, one new tap and two window frames and 20 window pens at total cost of $1200 . Right now as you can see from the photo and the video on to the increase in number some of our children at the school still are learning on the floor as you can see them sitting on the floor while learning. This is not health and good especially that its rainy season in Zambia sitting on the floor is a challenge and a number of them have started developing coughs. Apart from this the number of pupils has increased so one toilet is not enough to carter for all children so we are constructing another new toilet for them. Apart from this we turned a former chicken run into a class however it needs renovation and replacement of iron sheets as the current ones are damaged with too many leakages with rains underway it will be a disaster for us to keep children in this classroom, hence the main reason why we are fundraising for these things so that as soon as possible we can work on the current situation before it become a health hazard and put our kid at risk. Therefore this is the main reason why we have organized this fundraising page on so that we can be able to purchase the chairs and tables as well all the things needed for renovation which will enable them to learn in a comfortable and good environment and if you may wish to send directly into the foundations account kindly inform us and we will provide with the foundations bank details. Once children are learning in a conducive atmosphere it will enhance their concentration and also motivate them to be coming regularly therefore will reduce to a large extent the percentage of absenteeism. As you can see in the video and photos the kids are tightly sitting next to each other, hence they make a lot of noise during lessons, but with the coming of chairs and tables space will be created between each child and this will enable the teacher to manage the class properly. These are vulnerable children who are eight orphaned, disabled or whose parents cannot afford to take them to government or private schools. Hence our foundation provides free inclusive education to all of them where both the disabled and non-disabled are placed in one class. And when they reach a certain grade which is not available at our community school we stream them into government schools with continued support from us. We believe it is the right of every child to be educated and that knowledge is power and that an educated community will translate into a developed community and lack of education is the root cause of poverty. However given our little limited resources we are unable to achieve all this alone hence the reason why we are contacting you so that we can join hands with every well-wisher out there to educate the next generation of Zambian leaders please come on board and support us. It is my humble appeal that you will find it in your hearts and budget to contribute towards the welfare of these children. Any support rendered will be highly appreciated. Especially now during the rainy season learning on a leaking roof while sited on the floor just makes concentration impossible. But, with your support iam certain we will manage to overcome the challenge this time. Please find time to visit our website which is your support will also see us replacing the cracked floor, plaster the classroom, mend the cracks in the hall, replace the leaking iron sheets which cause a lot disturbance once it starts raining, put the window which will greatly benefit our children because we are in rain season so once it starts raining the rains splashes into the class soaking our children Hence class is cut short. it will also see us have a new toilet, and a basin for our children. Please come on board and support us. Your favorable response towards our sincere project will be highly appreciated.