Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare offer home base care which includes caring for all the client’s needs in their own homes. They are bathed, dressed and fed. Their surroundings are cleaned and their bedding changed. Should clients need to attend clinics or go to the hospital, they are transported with a carer using the organisation’s vehicles, free of charge. Families are assisted and taught how to care properly for the clients. Support groups have been established and it has become very evident that our clients need to be in a position to socialize with one another on a regular basis. One of the most moving comments has been that to know they too are important, special and loved.

Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare advocate for the protection and rights of people with disabilities through awareness campaigns and inclusive education for children with disabilities; assist in maintaining independent and active living through counseling, life skills, social clubs and the promotion of self-sustainability; empower those with disabilities through employment opportunities, information sessions, material assistance and mobility provision; skills training through the development of social skills, accessibility of the workplace and aftercare for newly placed candidates.


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