Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare offers ongoing awareness in the community regarding domestic violence and crime. The dire effects it has on not only the direct victims but also the victims who are witness to these atrocities which include children, other family members and friends.

Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare is faced with these sad tragedies on a daily basis. Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare has a 24 hour VEP shelter available for victims of domestic violence and crime. This shelter is extremely secure with high fencing, security gates and window security bars, 24 hour security and a panic button linked to armed response. The victim/s and children are able to utilize this facility whilst receiving counseling and experienced staff assist with the relative court interdicts to protect the victim against the perpetrator.


1. Financial assistance towards the overall project

This project is growing rapidly and requires more staff to be involved not only in the care of the victims but so too the awareness campaigning.

2. Financial assistance towards awareness campaigns

Early identification will ensure victims are taken out the circumstances earlier before too much irreparable damage is caused by the perpetrator. This will also ensure the protection of children who may be residing in the homes and are either witness to this abuse or abused themselves.

3. Financial assistance towards the purchasing of much needed furniture and re-decorating at the VEP Shelter

The VEP Shelter is in need of new furniture including a new lounge suite, curtains, TV, small round table and chairs, comfortable beds including a double bed, closets, etc. This will ensure the comfort of the victims and their children. It is painful and extremely frightening for victims to leave their homes and search for safety elsewhere therefore it is vital that they are comfortable in their environment.

4. Financial assistance towards food, bedding, clothing and hygiene needs

Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare provide food, all toiletries, blankets and even clothing to the victim and children. Many of the victims run from the violent environment without time to pack any necessities therefore the organisation tries to provide where possible. Financial assistance or donations are very welcome.

5. Financial Assistance and donations of toys such as books, cars, dolls, crayons, colouring books, etc. for both girls and boys

Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare would like to be in a position of exposing crime and domestic violence for what it is in the community and make a significant difference to so many innocent men / women and children.

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