For comprehensive project information and image gallery go to: Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare work with the after effects of alcohol and substance abuse on a daily basis with regards to addicted adults and children, domestic violence as a result of this abuse, neglect of children as parents are too intoxicated to care, horrific cases of child abuse due to violent rages brought about by the abuse of substances and the uncontrollable spread of HIV/Aids due to irresponsible, unplanned and therefore unprotected sexual activities. Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare inform children and youths about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse in and around Bethlehem. Creating awareness at schools, youth centres, and children’s home and in the community. During Child Protection Week an increased effort is made to do presentations to as many schools as possible. Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare are active members of the forum and work extremely closely with other stakeholders such as the South African Police Services, Department of Social Development and rehabilitation centres. GET INVOLVED Financial assistance towards the overall project and the running costs Financial assistance towards awareness campaigns and awareness material such as brochures, etc. MOTIVATION: There is a saying “forewarned is forearmed”. This means that if Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare are able to make the community aware of the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse before they try to experiment, many more children, youth and families could be spared the pain of addiction and the deterioration of families and communities due to this addiction. Over and above this, awareness and prevention can curb other illegal activities that are brought about alcohol and substance abuse such as violent crimes, domestic violence, theft, etc.

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