The goal of the Sport Academy is to engage children and youth into sport teams in order to expose them to life skills, educational support and discipleship.  Up to 300 children and youth are involved in 5 sport codes, attend educational programs at the Kuyasa Learning Centre and follow the Ubabalo Life Skills Curriculum for Life Coaching.
Sport centres in communities have proven to decrease criminal activity.  From the birth of the sport activities in 2003, the Kuyasa sport teams have attained first and second positions in their leagues in 2010 and 2011 as well as 2 provincial netball players in 2012.

New Sport Facility:
At present Kuyasa is negotiating funding for a full size soccer field with synthetic grass.  Kuyasa has 2 hard courts at present but needs desperately a full size court to accommodate their teams.  There are no local fields available for them.

Current Sport Teams

  • Soccer: 6 teams.
  • Basketball: 2 teams.
  • Netball: 2 teams (both Senior Teams)
  • Futsal: 10 adult teams.
  • Rugby: 2 teams
  • Cricket: Beginners team.
  • Gymnasium for adults.

Various sports equipment needed:

  • Balls (for soccer, basketball, netball and futsal)
  • Sport kits
  • Water bottles
  • Poles (to mark goalposts)
  • Different types of weights
  • Additional gym equipment (e.g. elliptical machines, treadmills, stationary bicycles, bench presses, gym mats)

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