Kuyasa has 2 houses that can house 6 children and youth per house in a foster care system.  The children are placed in the houses by the Department of Social Services.  The children come from backgrounds of abuse, neglect and abandonment. They are cared for by a trained foster mother in each house.  The management of the 2 houses is done by an organisation called “Home from Home”, who specialise in foster care management and have a registered Social Worker who oversees the project.

There is a recreation and office building adjacent to the 2 homes available for the children and Social Worker.
The children enjoy the tutoring service of the Kuyasa Learning Centre as well as all the other services offered by Kuyasa such as:  counselling, sport, media, art, performing arts, skills training, IT training, a library and also yearly camps.

 Project Needs:

  1. Sponsors for youth in transition phase when the foster grant falls away:  R1,500 per month per person.
  2. Sponsors for children where the foster grant cannot be processed due to loss of documentation:  R1,500 per child per month.
  3. Recreation and maintenance of the buildings:  R500 per month


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