Deaf Elderly Care

The National Institute for the Deaf has taken upon itself the onus to assure the quality of life of the Deaf in all phases of life, including old age. The mission of its Elderly Care unit,“Shalom” in Worcester is:

  • Care and support the elderly Deaf as sick, frail and disadvantaged people;
  • Accessible medical and social support services to the elderly Deaf residents;
  • Creation of a therapeutic environment to ensure the welfare of the elderly Deaf person;
  • Support the unique Deaf culture and the basic human rights of elderly Deaf persons;
  • Accessible communication for elderly Deaf persons (Sign Language/Lip reading) according to Section 8 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

NID believes that persons with hearing loss deserve to be treated with dignity in all phases of life, and more so those in extended adult care (the elderly Deaf), who need 24/7 residential care in a Deaf-friendly environment that caters to their unique communication needs. Dedicated staff renders care-, social- and support services on a daily basis and we strive to establish a homely atmosphere for them.

We need your help for the deficit in their care and medical expenses. Please consider being a funding partner towards the care of one of these Deaf elderly residents at NID.

Your contribution or sponsorship can assist in assuring their quality of life
in their final phase of life.

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