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  1. There are only two Northern White Rhinos left on the planet. Both female. If poaching continues at its current pace the Southern White Rhino will join them at the brink of extinction in our lifetime. 90 of the estimated 21 085 Southern White Rhino left, call Rhino Momma Project home. Here our main purpose is to grow these population figures by providing the best environment, feed, security and veterinary services rhinos need to flou...


    US$10,765 raised
    2 Fundraiser projects
    56 Donors

Other campaigns

  1. Orphan rhino calf needs your help!
    On a cold, winter's morning, our Rhino Momma team came across a sight we hoped never to witness - a very young rhino calf, alone and motherless.
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  2. Carolina Bryans Kifaru and Rhino Momma Project experience!
    The Kifaru and Rhino Momma Project experience truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support rhino conservation.
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  3. Name a baby rhino
    We have a few newborn rhino calves that are in need of a name and we want to give you the opportunity to name one of these amazing creatures.
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  4. Support Our Rhinos
    Your donation will go directly to the healthcare, raising and protection of the Rhino Momma Project's rhinos.
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