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Thank you for wanting to partner with CSSA, please click on the link above and you can safely fill in your details for our partnership program.

Christian Surfers South Africa use GivenGain as our secure third party service provider for online payments under our original name of Son Surf. We trust these guys with our money so don't stress.

One of the struggles of a not-for-profit org is that you are not necessarily manufacturing a product or delivering a service. As a result, managing the demands of growth whilst funding base level administration becomes a challenge. Balancing running costs, maintaining existing programs and establishing new ventures via irregular or once off donations, can add financial pressure and strain sustainability.

This project is for those who believe in the overall goals of the mission and who wish to allow us to allocate funding to the point of greatest need which include:

- General administration costs for running our national office
- Staff members relying on financial support:
- Francois van Heerden (National Director CSSA)
- Rian & Lynette Grobler (Volunteer CSALT Houseparents)
- Henku Grobler - (CSALT Program Manager)
- Johan Vrey - (Volunteer National Service Team Manager
- Resources such as Surfer Bibles, DVD's, etc.
- CSSA National Camp admin costs

Should you wish for your donation to be allocated to a specific cause, or staff member mentioned, please indicate this in the message box, ie

  • Waterman Partner
  • Pro Partner
  • Switch Partner
  • Regular partner
  • Grom Partner

Or specific Staff member's name.

Your financial support is a significant contribution towards us achieving our vision of reaching every surfer, in every surfing community along our coast.

Kind Regards
Francois van Heerden

Christian Surfers South Africa National Director



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