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LEAVING LEGACIES - Education with orphans!



CHILDREN:  45,5 % of the nation of 24 Million people consist out of children under 14                                    years of age.  Another 21 % of the population is between 15 and 24 years                                of age.  That makes nearly 66,5 % of the nation under the age of 25.  The                                  youth dependency rate is more that 88 %.  With nearly half of the population                              illiterate and with very limited health services and hardly any clean water                                    in RURAL areas where we work.  Schools and libraries are desperately                                    needed .  We currently train more than 400 children and help government                                schools with more than 5 000 children to provide literacy and character                                      training.

WOMEN:        We currently have more than 4 000 women in our program which uses the                               Bible to read and write.  Female life expectancy in schools is only up to the                               age of 9 years due to cultural beliefs.  We are changing that by bringing                                     women together to have the opportunity to read and write.  

ORPHANS:    We currently work and help more than 1 700 orphans to read and write and in                          a country with more than 1 000 0000 orphans out of 24 million people.  The                              demands are high as orphans grow daily due to high mortality rates of                                      parents.

PROVIDING SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS:  Due to flooding and dry spells local people are                                                                                struggling to provide for families.  We distribute                                                                                water pumps to hungry communities to help                                                                                      them take care of their crops in a sustainable way


To set up sustainable projects for children, women and bring forth transformational change in communities and family units so they have chance to help themselves.


We already have sustainable projects in place and serve communities through several projects:  These include -

  • 3 Bush clinics
  • 2 Pre-schools
  • Primary school with 300 students
  • 4 000 women in schools throughout central and northern Mozambique and Malawi
  • 1 500 pastors in training
  • 1 700 orphans are being trained through our church network accross Mozambique
  • Agri projects to sustain families
  • Bible distribution
  • Evangelism
  • Social projects which include entrepreneurial arts and craft projects for ladies. 

Funds Needed:

R15 000 per month

We are weekly providing updates of all our activities at:   www.lovemoz.blogspot.com




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    1 September 2011

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    1 August 2011

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