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Charity profile

Christ Towers Junior School Kiboga, aims to offer access to Kindergarten and primary schooling to children from low income families! The idea is that, families keep in poverty because they lack proper preparation of their children for the future trade that lies a head of each child. Through understanding a principle that poor families can break the cycle of poverty, proper education at an early stage is important! This education lies in making the most of the children's first seven years of School. We feed children, pool resources, and we all have a common goal for these enrolled children. Uganda-School Lock down will be lifted starting on the 4th June 2020, permitting Students in candidate classes who are those in their final year of National Examination, to go back to their schooling. Top-Class (Kindergarten finalists) Primary Seven-Primary school finalists, “O”Level-Junior School Finalists) A ‘Level-High School Finalists, and university finalists,
Majority of our local Families have been devastated with the Situation of Corona Virus and so will be unable to promptly meet the new school needs for these candidates’ class-students.

We have set up the “School & Family Fund” (SF-Fund) to support 400 candidate students to receive cash deposits in their school accounts to help them complete their schooling with much ease. $70 will be deposited as school support aid to different high risk candidate via their schools. Parents of female students have much fear that many girls should get pregnant or even drop our easily with more financial failure due to the long disruptions in their studies. We highly forward this appeal for a life time for the unforeseen covid-19 pandemic circumstances that will affect the entire school year.

Our school s are funded mainly by an average of 200 families who are affected by the abrupt lockdown escalating means to meet school dues in time. The education future of majority of our children in other countries will be facing significantly terrible situation and many states will not resume school soon. Families have only survived with lots of debts, food crises, and working on their daily farm work! We need donations to provide as much healing to these families. If A family has been able to meet their candidate school needs already, we will send the support to another needy student in the neighborhood.

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