Since COVID-19 (CV19) the normal way of delivering our services ceased, however we have been flexible and adapted to the situation to continue with our holistic approach to support our beneficiaries and we want to thank you for all your support. As we see the staggering effects of CV19 we know that families will continue to need relief support, as we continue to provide these necessitated programs for the next 6 months, through these initiatives.

FOOD RELIEF: Providing weekly food hampers to vulnerable families reaching 1000 individuals including children.

HYGIENE DIGNITY PACKS:Providing 250 vulnerable youth with hygiene dignity packs consisting of sanitary towels, hygiene soap, toothpaste, hand sanitizer.

 EDUCATION / PPE and AWARENESS RESPONSE: Supporting educators and learners with emotional resilience and learning resources through our digital platforms.
Providing training and awareness to staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries on CV19, having the necessary masks and sanitizing points

Our CV19 response budget is R570K your generous contributions towards this fund will be most appreciated.

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