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  1. Cheshire Homes has a passion for looking after and helping physically disabled people irrespective of gender, race or creed. We want to make this Christmas an unforgettable occurrence for the 26 physically disabled residents at Langa Cheshire Home. We are preparing family reunion with their families. We are planning to give each resident a decent present (clothing,toiletries,unique mystery present). We are also planning to give each...

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Other campaigns

  1. Sanlam Cape Town Marathon/Peace Run
    Urgently needs 26 runners to run on behalf of 26 quadriplegic and paraplegic residents of Langa Cheshire Home.
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  2. Professional staff for disabled people
    Let's change the daunting and dire circumstances facing disabled people by employing relevant professional staff
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  3. Change the way you see disability
    Join us to Empower and Restore Dignity and Human Rights to those less fortunate and vulnerable physically disabled people.
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