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By Alet Engelbrecht

I have Malignant Melanoma. I am 39 years old and the last of my 4 surgeries was only 8 weeks ago - half my liver was removed. This can be prevented!

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By Zohra Crain

Support breast cancer month by purchasing a pink sock.

By Alessandro Achterberg

donate for our mussle or cancer we donate all receive money to the best known cancer donate points

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By Kirsty McLeod Grobler

Take the lumps out of our cups! Early detection saves lives.

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By Candice Pretorius

Skin Cancer Screening & Mole Mapping Machines

By Corlia Du Preez

Screening is important and not everyone is aware of the neseccity or have the funds availible to do so. Lets stand togheter and leave no one behind.

By Ruva-Rashe Gomo

Raising funds for early detection

By Russel Sissing

12 hour continuous cycle ride (08:00 - 20:00)

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By mbuso lubede

The HELP CANCER SUFFERERS Project aims to help out people with cancer and those who cannot aford to pay medical bills and lack information .

By Mellissa Soo

A fundraiser in support of Mobile Cancer Screening with the goal of supporting early detection!

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