Sponsor Cancer Screening

CANSA offers affordable screening to the public via our CANSA Care Centres & Mobile Health Clinics, charging the bare minimum and subsidising costs as far as possible, in order make screening accessible to the public:

Help Reduce Cost of Consumables, Lab and Screening Costs:

  • R60 will help pay for a PSA finger prick test, screening for prostate cancer, & R120 will help pay for a PSA lab test for one man.
  • R60 will help fund consumables for one Pap smear test, screening for cervical cancer, & R200 will help fund LBC consumables & cytology for one Pap smear test.
  • R100 will help fund one FotoFinder Mole Analysis, screening for skin cancer, for one person.
  • R120 will help fund one SureTouch breast examination, to screen for breast cancer, for one woman.

Help Fund Screening Equipment:

CANSA would love each CANSA Care Centre to have these screening tools. Currently they roam between Care Centres and are booked in advance...

  • R253 233-90 pays for one new Fotofinder device, which helps map moles and screen for skin cancer.
  • R339 150 pays for one new SureTouch machine used for breast examinations & to screen for breast cancer.

Read more about our Holistic Care & Support and how your gift helps us fight cancer...

Queries CANSA:

Phone our Toll Free Call Centre on 0800 22 66 22 or email us at info@cansa.org.za



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