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By CANSA Gift Fund

Give a gift to CANSA in memory of a loved one, friend or colleague...

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R565,704 raised

By CANSA Gift Fund

Give a gift to CANSA in honour of a loved one...

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R144,785 raised

By CANSA Gift Fund

Give a gift to CANSA in recognition of a special landmark in someone's life or your own life.

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R105,300 raised

By Stephanie Coetzee

A group of Bee's friends and family members will be cycling in various races in honour of Bee and to raise awareness for Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM)

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R70,620 raised

By Rustypie Loverer

Charity Livestream for CANSA! Here to make a difference one smile at a time!

charity, cansa, charitylivestream, twitchcharity, rustypielover, rpllivestream,

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By Darryl White

Donations in lieu of Birthday Gifts

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R9,250 raised

By Sunny and Cat

Instead of receiving gifts for our upcoming wedding, we would prefer if you could please rather make a kind contribution to this excellent project of The Can...

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R7,800 raised

By Jared Fifield

We are hosting a once off gaming day to try raise money for Cansa, it is for a good cause. You can donate directly also. All donations are greatly apprecia...

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R3,060 raised

By Zarina Jeppie

Make a donation to CANSA in lieu of giving us a wedding gift.

40% Completed
R3,000 raised

By Lauren Beghin

I have taken the vulnerable step of shaving my hair off to create aweness and to raise funds for CANSA. Donations will go straight to CANSA.

100% Completed
R2,600 raised
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