CANSA's Kindest Cut Wig Campaign

R2 000 will enable us to transform hair donations received into one wig...

CANSA challenges you to join in the Kindest Cut Campaign - donate your hair or make an online donation via this project in order to supply wigs to cancer Survivors (patients).

Why do We Need Wigs?

For thousands of South African cancer patients diagnosed each year, hair loss becomes their heartbreaking reality. Help restore dignity and a sense of self-worth to those who have lost their hair during cancer treatment.

The number of wigs CANSA distributes through wig banks each year is dependent on the number of donations received.

CANSA relies on both human-hair donations, as well as financial contributions, as it can cost up to R2 000 to turn human and synthetic hair into just one wig.

How to make Financial Donations:

  • Make an online donation via this project

How to Make a Hair Donation:

Queries CANSA

Call us toll-fee on 0800 22 66 22 or email



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    Charmaine Barnes

    R30,973 raised

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    Marc Houze

    R22,000 raised

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    Cassandra Nixon

    R3,830 raised

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    Laeeqah Kassiem

    R2,180 raised

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    Jenna Viljoen

    R2,000 raised

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    22 October

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    30 August

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    2 March

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14 Activist projects

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