CANSA Counselling, Support Groups & Home Based Care

  • R1 200 will enable training of one 'Patient Care Volunteer'
  • R200 will enable one Home Based Care session
  • R200 will pay for one session of Self-Help or a Therapeutic Support Group session
  • R50 will pay for an individual or group counselling session

Help keep facilitation costs to a minimum and help equip our Volunteers to provide counselling, run Support Groups and provide Home Based Care to cancer patients. Your monthly donation would be invaluable!

Read more about our Holistic Care & Support and how your gift helps us fight cancer...

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6 Fundraiser projects

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By Kgadi Maswanganye

Let your change help change how cancer patients and their families deal with cancer. Your change ...

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The Grace Project

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My mom was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2013 and died the same year. This finally got ...

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Mela Fights Cancer

By Melanie Maree

I would like to raise funds and awareness about Cancer. There are so many unlucky, unhappy and "u...

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By Ewan van breda

I am going to do a drive from the South Pole to the North Pole and back to the South Pole to rais...

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