Support Distribution of Mobility Appliances in West Nile

World Action Fund has supported People With Disabilities with mobility appliances in Arua, Nebbi and partner in Moyo. Since 2017  and todate we have been donating and distributed so far 630 wheelchairs and tricycles in West Nile region in 11 districts, these improved and assisted many disabled persons in mobility including prosthetic hands from Team Benefit which is hard for them to get, the districts have insufficient budgets to support the PWD with mobility devices with support from our donor Walkabout Foundation the in-kind donation of mobility appliances. More details click DONATE

We are constrained to do more assessments and distribution in these areas, we are seeking for your support in logistics.

Uganda has embraced inclusive education and evidently committed itself to bringing about disability inclusion at every level of education. Both legal and non-legal frameworks have been adopted and arguably are in line with the intent of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) on education. The CRPD, in Article 24, requires states to attain a right to education for persons with disabilities without discrimination and on the basis of equal opportunities at all levels of education.

Despite Uganda’s robust disability legal and policy framework on education, there is evidence of exclusion and discrimination of students with disabilities in the higher education institutions. The main objective of this article is to explore the status of disability inclusion in higher education and strategies for its realisation.

The commitment is demonstrated by the legal and non-legal frameworks on education and the establishment of educational infrastructure aimed at mainstreaming disability. The infrastructures include a department of special needs education at the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports, a special needs education section at the Uganda National Examinations Board, a department at the National Curriculum Development Centre, a section at the Education Standards Agency, representation of persons with disabilities at the National Council for Higher Education Board, Public Universities Councils and training of teachers for special needs education. The bulk of these infrastructures are visible in promoting inclusive education at primary and secondary levels of education.

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