Founded in Namibia in January 2016 and registered at the “Ministry of Trade & Industry”, Happydu was founded with the main aim of defending the rights of all children and single young mothers ( We focus our attention on young mothers who live in the suburbs of the city, where sexual violence and alcohol abuse reach very high levels, with unavoidable consequences on childrens' and teenagers' lives. By helping these women through psychological support and professional labs, which will enable them to enter the word of work, we do also help their children. By creating a different prospective and alternative, we intend to limit the sad cycle of minors abandonment, which we have been experiencing in the various projects we have been supporting for several years. Near the professional lab, there is a kindergarten that welcomes these young women’s children in order to take care of them, provide them with basic education and perform activities aiming to cognitive and motor development.The reason why the project is called "Happydu Village" is that, in addition to all what we described so far, we’d like to realize a real "village", that is, a place where the teenagers of the community can receive assistance in the studies (afternoon school) and have a place of aggregation where they would be able to spend their free time: they will get the chance to play sports together, watch movies and documentaries, whilst keeping safe and far from the dangers of the road. Everybody will be welcome during the week-ends at HappyDu Village, so everyone will be able to enjoy their free time with their own families: children, teenagers, mothers, fathers and old people, who represent the memories of a family and the history of a Country. Moreover, within the "village" we would also like to develop a pre-school service in order to prepare the children who are supposed to start the primary-school; eventually, our plans provide a small Day Hospital Clinic for first aid services and, in a successive moment, we aim to offer some useful services for the community's elders ( considering that the elderly remain one of the weaker social categories, together with women and children). Happydu Village aims to respond to concrete needs of the community and provides different services: it would like to be a model to replicate.

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