Golder Trust for Orphans Holiday Smiles 2017

Please help us give the gift of smile this holiday season to the thousands of children Golder Trust for Orphans supports by making a donation of any amount to our 2017 Holiday Smiles Programme.

Golder Trust for Orphans currently supports 16 projects in 8 countries in Africa through grant funding and investments in social enterprises whose revenues go towards the care of orphaned/vulnerable children in impoverished communities.

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Your donation will help provide a gift to the children we help support - either a toy, toiletries, clothes, school supplies or whatever our NGO partners feel is most needed.

We empower the NGO's we support to determine what is most needed; and purchase the supplies locally to stimulate local economies.

Please also consider making a monthly donation to Golder Trust for Orphans.

Thank you for your support in advance!

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  1. Sandra Carrelas

    22 December 2017

  2. Carol Melton

    16 December 2017

  3. Bill Fowler

    13 December 2017

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