Mount Kenya is a world biodiversity hot spot, and one of most diverse forests. Over the years, the forest has lost huge chunks of lands to deforestation through illegal timber harvesting, charcoal burning, shamba systems and forest grazing. Key species of trees are becoming increasingly endangered. Some of the most useful trees are becoming so rare that the species' populations have dipped into unsustainable levels.Trees for the Future and Agroforestry Kenya works to plant key tree species and protect these trees in the wild. We focus on the most over-exploited trees, and plant high quantities of each species (50-500 trees) to ensure a diverse genetic stock from which to draw seed.Key tree species are maintained at genetically viable levels. The solution to this is that new seeds drawn from these trees display a healthy, diverse genetic profile. Tree species' potential for inclusion in future reforestation is evaluated, along with growth rates and potential economic benefits. Successful experiences are shared with local farmers, who acquire the tools to make a living from planting trees instead of destroying trees.

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